June 7th, 2008


SIFF Day 14

Very tired and a day behind on my mini reviews. This will be as short as humanly possible. Also, there will very likely be many mistakes. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Call Me Troy (USA) 2007 ***
Documentary about Gay rights activist Reverend Troy Perry. He did lots of cool stuff. This movie however, is not cool and is only mediocre at best.

Man On Wire (UK) 2007 *****
Yet another best documentary of the festival. But this time I really mean it. On august 7, 1974 French wirewalker, Philippe Petit, strung a cable between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and then walked across. This movie documents that feat in a beautiful and imaginative way. The film is made up of interviews with all the participants of Philippe's elaborate plan, home movies, archival footage and photographs of Philippe's stunts. (He also walked a wire between the towers at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the pylons of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.)

Accompanying the interviews is a highly stylized dramatization of the group accomplishing the break in to the WTC and setting up of their steel cable. The dramaztization is filmed in black and white with the look of a French bank robbery caper. It creates drama and tension and comedy.

Recommended. Though I found one passholder who didn't care for this film. Everyone else has raved about it.

Boystown (Spain) 2007 ***1/2
Campy comedy about a perfection obsessed real estate agent who is murdering little old ladies so he can buy up their apartments, modernize them and then sell them for a profit to beautiful young people. Reminiscent of Pedro Almodavar- strong female characters, gay boys and bright colors dominate each frame. This one was fun, fun, fun.

Total Movies seen: 53

*= Unclean, unclean
**= Crap, but doesn't make your eyes bleed
***= Watchable to good
****= Great
*****= Masterpiece/Classic