June 12th, 2008


SIFF Day 19

Princess of the Sun (France) 2007 ***
Mildly entertaining animated feature about young Prince Tutankhamen. Who knew the ancient Egyptians spoke in perfect French?

Island of Lost Souls (Denmark) 2007 *****
Three plucky kids must face an Evil Necromancer, a menacing scarecrow, ghostly possession and thousands of trapped souls. It's a perfect balance of action, comedy and story. One of the best of the fest. Surely a bad Hollywood remake cannot be far behind.

Stranded: I've Come From a Plane that Crashed on the Mountains (France) 2007 ****
In October 1972, a plane carrying a rugby team from Uruguay crashed in the Andes. Of the original 45 passengers, 16 managed to survive in spite of incredible hardship- snowstorms, cold, avalanches and lack of food. Famously or infamously the survivors resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. Thirty-five years later the survivors and their children visit the crash site. In interviews each survivor details the story of their miraculous survival. A fascinating and well done doc.

Total Movies seen: 70

*= Unclean, unclean
**= Crap, but doesn't make your eyes bleed
***= Watchable to good
****= Great
*****= Masterpiece/Classic